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Gastronomic Adventure Flavors

Francisca is a very sweet and accommodating lady. She laughs hard, almost as hard as she works. She learned the value of being useful, productive, and strong from her grandparents, and she applied those qualities in the kitchen. Nothing makes her happier than serving the best traditional food.

For Francisca, life is an adventure full of flavors. She grew up in a family where good food was a must. There was always Charcoal Chicken at their table, her Grandmother Ma’ Maria’s Tequeños, and Chicharrones made by Don Guille, a good friend. Cooking led her to travel all over the continent and learn more about Latin American flavors.

She learned to make authentic recipes from more than 8 countries. She had always been obsessed with Charcoal Chicken and Meats, which she learned how to make in her childhood.

However, after traveling so much and cooking dishes from all our countries, she realized that the people who tried her recipes always felt satisfied and happy afterward. So, she thought that her flavors should reach as many hearts as possible. This how Francisca Restaurant came to life in South Florida, as this sweet grandmother’s project to treat those with a fondness for Latin American cuisine in the United States.

Her Caribbean flavors are as varied as they are irresistible: Mandocas and Tequeños, Queso Telita, some good Chicharrones, the amazing Cruzado de Ave y Res, and the Bandeja Paisa. And of course, there’s always some warm Pan de Bono. A great Pabellón Criollo or Fried Fish is never missing. These are all delicious options that come together with the Parrilla Multicultural, which highlights the most delicious Latin American flavors that have been brought to Doral.

The house is completely imbued with Francisca’s essence and it has a story of flavor and tradition, of service to those who visit her in Doral, Florida.

All the details at Francisca Restaurant were chosen to make visitors experience an adventure through time, a trip to the past, where everyone feels the warmth of the country life. For example, the lights at the top of the restaurant are inspired by the cages where they bred chickens at her parents’ farms, which are just as bright as Francisca’s essence.

But the most prized possession at Francisca Restaurant is the Josper Rotisserie, a one-of-a-kind rotisserie that makes it possible to achieve that sweet spot of flavor and a perfect roast for our Charcoal Chicken and Meats. The use of the Josper oven gives a traditional smoky flavor to the dishes, resulting in an unforgettable experience that you’ll want to relive as soon as you try them.

Francisca will be waiting for you at her house, located at 10802 NW 58th ST, Doral FL 33178. The restaurant is open Sunday to Thursday from 11:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

We all have a “Francisca” in our lives, an ancestor or someone in our present who makes us feel proud of our tradition, a woman who we remember with admiration, respect, and love…

Who is your “Francisca”


Francisca Charcoal Chicken & Meats (Doral)
10802 NW 58th St
Doral FL 33178
+1(786) 542-1393
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Miami FL 33122
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MiamiLakes FL 33014
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Miami FL 33186
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3200 N Miami Ave
Miami FL 33127
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