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Coronavirus: Preventive Actions at Our Restaurants

With the contactless option, you’ll be able to make your order without greeting your delivery driver. Instead, you can send them digital messages like “leave at the door” or “leave in lobby” via delivery apps.

These options are available on:

UberEats and Toast and YOU’LL FIND US THERE!

Also, we are using contactless tactics to deliver our food when you order takeout at our locations. 


Our entire team is well informed and committed to complying with our preventive rules against the Coronavirus

They’re constantly washing their hands before and after coming into contact with anything

They all use gloves to prepare the food we deliver our clients

We wash all our implements at boiling point, this helps keep our utensils sterilized, clean, and hygienic

If employees have had symptoms of any illness, we ask them to stay at home, even if their symptoms do not mirror the known coronavirus symptoms. 


In the kitchen, we use constant ventilation systems.

Our waiters place the order, wipes, and napkins in a bag.

We seal all bags with security seals to ensure that no one touches your order after leaving the kitchen.   

According to the OMS, COVID-19 is not transmitted through food and it is safe to receive packages.


Get your order, unpack the contents, and wash your hands

Try to use digital means of payment to avoid the exchange of cash

We only work with Delivery platforms that implement reinforced hygiene measures.

Official information will help you prevent

C’mon, make a safe order now with us!

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